We all have to admit that digital recorders are more convenient than tape recorder in the end. When it comes to buying one, you may be confused since they have so many different features, types and serve different jobs. If your job need a digital recorder software, which one you will be needing? So now, to save you from the pit, I make a list of things you should consider before purchasing any DVR.

Recording Time

You may not know but there are some digital recorders that are able to record up to 450 – 500 hours. Yeah and you will probably be amazed, and attracted to these things. Well it’s only a market trick, don’t be fooled, guys. In this feature, take note to yourself that the more quality you want, the less recording time you’ll get. Read carefully if there is any prescription about the total time recording in high quality. You are surely like the best stuff since it also means that the transcriptions, if you need, will be at the higher chance to be right. Who doesn’t want a right transcription, I mean. Then don’t believe too much in what the seller tells you but check that yourself. Don’t end up buying low-quality stuffs~

Data Storage

If your job requires a digital voice recorder than you’d better choose something that is able to handle more than just audio files. Nowadays I guess people has already integrated DVR with USB storage so that more types of files can be saved, such as images, files, videos,… And the arrangement feature in it needs to work well too, because you will have at least 4 folders to save those files, I think? A good DVR is one that can handle many files at a time.

Recording Features

Since the society is developing faster and faster, technology is also innovated to catch up with it. Then people start to invent more than one recording feature. For example, there is a moment you stop talking in the recording process and the task will automatically stop, too since it senses your silence. And of course it will keep working if you speak again. This feature is called “Voice Activation”. You can even set the timer so that in a certain point of time you need it to stop, it stops. And the LCD display, info received on the screen,…


Normally, a cheap DVR can’t be plugged in a computer, so if you’re considering one, drop it. Come on, what kind of equipment that cannot connect to the computer? Other DVRs should have a USB interface, or require a cable. Either way, they’re all the same. But wouldn’t it be more convenient to plug it in directly to your PC?

Transcription and Special Transcription

Some virtual recorders will have these features in-built, but other may require you to download a software or device to run. I think you know what to choose. But just don’t forget to see the thing you’re holding has which features.


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