Begin with base good gear:The base of a good recording is a pair of a good audio interface and a good microphone. It’s no use spending a fortune on a mic, but at least don’t buy a trashy thing. A decent mic will do. Similarly with he audio interface, its preamps should be clear so as to give minimal noise in your record. Like I said, your recording software should begin good condition and easy to use, so that it wouldn’t take so long to render your track. Before recording, take a look check all your equipment to avoid any issues.

Correct recording formats: You need to know what recording format you want to use before start recording. For great format, the best formats to use now are aiff and wav, at 16 bit, 44,100 Khz. Those settings are default, you can go higher if you want. Never use 8 bit, 8000 Khz because that’s just… terrible. Avoid recording in mp3 because this type is not able to capture the entire audio frequencies’ pristine. If you have no choice, make sure you set it at 320 kpbs minimum.

Mic placements: If you put the mic too far, your vocal may sound weak and boxy. If you put the mic too close, pops and breathes are likely to be captured. So the mic must be placed at the right distance from the mouth so that the whole sonic range is captured. The rule of the thumb says you should start at 9 inches, then adjust yourself to the distance you find the rightest. To filter the b and p sounds, use a pop screen. If you leave it later, it’s hard to fix.

Levels and more levels:Be sure to keep the green in your recording levels! This is very crucial, because once your audio starts clipping, in which it becomes red. The distortion in your track will be super nasty and you won’t be able to fix it later. However, it’s not wise to keep the level too low because it causes much more noise in the signal. Don’t forget to check the level in your recording process.

Noise is your enemy: Make sure the fans and the Air conditioner are all off. Close all the doors. Make sure your neighbors are not fighting or anything that cause noise are away from you. Including your computer, its fan is noisy, then stay away. The mic must always be put on a stand. And pray, I hope my tricks will keep to the minimum of noise coming from your surroundings, and hand movements.

Stay in tune: Never forget to check if your instruments are tuned or not, the guitar or something. It’s easy for an instrument to go out of tune and you will fix it immediately. Auto tune cannot fix everything, and you should keep this in mind. It would take a few takes until you are truly satisfied about the recording but it’s okay.


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