1. Set up your home studio:

To build your home studio, you are gonna need some specific equipment. I’m gonna list below the most crucial gear, but you can also buy more to intensify your sound system.

  • Microphone
  • Audio interface
  • DAW software
  • Digital keyboard
  • Studio monitors
  • Headphones
  • Cables

After getting everything needed, you will be needing a quiet room of your home, which has the fewest windows, best if carpeted. Check if there is much echo in the room and hang thick blankets on the walls if yes to reduce the reverbnation. Then plug in your monitors, play some random song and see what arrangement should be done to get the best outcome. Done, now you just need to plug in others, get drivers and softwares installed. If any problems come up this time, make some research for guides, for example, if the DAW softwares make your computer go slow the first time you run it, it is normal because it consume pretty much RAM. And also, whenever recording, you need to keep plugging the USB in which there are licenses. It’s kinda suck but… you’ve got to live with it.

  1. Recording instruments: Use your mic and amp, to receive signals, put the mic close to the amp and set program.
  • Recording the drums by the feature “Drum Machines”. It is usually included on some DAWs.
  • Normally, a USB port or a MIDI-out is already integrated on the keyboards for you to record right then. But sometimes it’s not so you have to use your headphones jack and plug just like what you do with the guitar or your mic.
  • Other instruments.Other instruments, such as piano or violin will require a microphone to be recorded.
  • Your voice.Recording your voice can be done by two ways: Using a common microphone plugged like you plug the guitar, or using any USB microphone.
  1. Quick recording:
  • Phone recording: Records made by are step by step increasing the quality, and easy for anybody who need to get quick ideas and play back on his computer. The simple task is just about clicking a button and placing the phone close to the sound source. Here’s a tips, try getting from the appstore those higher-quality audio recorders app. They are designed for your own want and need: to record and play back like pro studio. The real high-end application may require you to pay for, but the price is much cheap than you DAW. With a phone to record everywhere you want, what do you need more?
  • Hand-held digital recorder: Zoom mics are one of the product that serves your need to record audio. They rock in recording acoustic music in a quiet ambiance, even as good as field recordings. Every time you need, just turn it on, press to record all you want, than upload to your computer as a mp3 file, save there to self-enjoy or share with your friends for feedbacks.


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