For us, we can’t possibly go wrong when choosing a DAW because, fundamentally, it is all the same. However, your top priority is to satisfy your personal interest. The important part here is, how do you know what program can meet your needs? Here are some things to look in when you need a DAW. Feel free to check out

  • Your budget.Like it or not, this is the first thing to take into consideration. Like buying a car, you are going to invest in it for 4 or 5 years and more. You are allow to try the trial version before drop you money, so take it and see if like the features of the program. Try as much as you want, even when you have to save money to purchase it. I’m sure your DAW is worth the wait.

  • What is your experience level?If you’re a beginner, don’t take those pro tools right away. You need to get started with something easy to understand, and you can progress easily with it. Programs requiring high level of experience may slow you down, since they are designed for mostly the professional, people who have already got used to producing digital music. At the starting point, I recommend you choose a beginner-level software, it would be easier for you. On the other hand, IF you have in this music mixing thing for a while, then you are free to purchase an expert-level DAW. At first, things can be tough and challenging but thanks to the experiences you have gained, there won’t be a problem.
  • Think about the future, too.For beginners, other than the previous point, you have to think of the future as well. Beginner tools appear to be pretty boring after the first few years you’ve been practicing with. And there’s a time when you realize you need to use more functions you’re your current DAW does not have. So the best solution is that, don’t spend too much on your first DAW.
  • Relax. It’s 2016 already, the digital age. The mass production out there has everything updated regularly, or else no one is gonna use it. Even when you choose one that is not in the top 10 DAWs, it won’t go wrong, still. There are bunch of tutorial videos and discussion launched to help people use some certain product more effectively. Even when you are a beginner, your choice is not likely to be wrong. So please, chill.

Stick with the one you chose. The longer you work with it, the easier and quicker your process goes on, as well as the more confident and productive you become. Don’t ever think you have had enough of some DAW, because I’m sure 100% that no one has ever done that. The more master you are at your equipment, the better your brain function when you are in need of producing ideas. It’s not only an investment, but it’s also a lesson.



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