To ensure better health of children and babies is essential to recover the natural moisture of our homes. Humidifiers humidify the atmosphere of a room humidifiers humidifies the atmosphere of a stay

During the early years of a child, the surrounding environment is right is crucial. Since still has not developed all defenses of an adult, you should try to expose to fewer harmful agents. At home, unlike abroad, it is in a more pleasant environment, so there is often neglected more protection. However, our lifestyle has come to create an atmosphere in our homes that is not optimal for newborns. Especially in times of the year where the cold abounds, we close and ventilate little house besides making greater use of heating. All this makes the atmosphere loses moisture and becomes too dry.

With the use of best baby nursery humidifiers, we will be taking care of the health of our baby as recover the natural moisture of our homes, making the air they breathe our children to be less aggressive.

WHAT IS A humidifier?

Humidifiers are devices which, as its name indicates, humidify the atmosphere of a room. Although it has become more sophisticated since their invention to suit our needs, it is a relatively the simple machine. It has a water tank and a mechanism that evaporates, releasing the steam into the air, humidifying.

MANY humidifiers include HYGROMETER manufacturer or model. The evaporation system may vary. Many also include a hygrometer, a device that measures the humidity in the air. Just as the thermometer including heaters and air conditioners for temperature measurement, this meter is critical. Therefore, if you have the humidifier not have one, you should consider the purchase an external hygrometer.


All humidifiers have a water tank and a system that releases the vapor. Different types of humidifier are determined by your system to convert liquid water to steam. Usually, this will mean that the steam will come out more or less hot, so depending on the type of humidifier, be taken some considerations in using these baby.

Children and infants usually breathe through the mouth, which causes coughing children and babies tend to breathe through the mouth, which causes coughing

Hot steam humidifiers are the simplest type, more like the first ones were created. Heat the water in the tank to reach high temperatures, enough to steam slowly peel off. This technology allows, unlike others, the use of tap water. They are also the cheapest in the market. However, they have a couple of problems base. The fact that warm water is a danger to children, because the device will be at a high temperature and may burn. It is, therefore, advisable to keep them out of reach of children.

Also, the water vapor will free hot, so it will also increase the temperature of the room. The latter is not a major problem in winter, but too much can increase the room temperatures in summer when the humidifier is used to combat the dryness of the environment in some regions. One of the main advantages of this type, in addition to lower cost, is that heating the water removed much of the harmful microorganisms that may contain health, preventing be released to the air.


Other humidifier works thanks to more advanced technology, so its price is also higher. It is cool mist humidifiers. Unlike the previous ones, they do not heat the water but manage to release steam from it, using ultrasound to vaporize the outermost layers of water. Its main advantage is that they do not have the problems of previous humidifiers: do not heat the water, so the device will not burn, plus the steam release is cold, so it will not increase the temperature of the home.

Within the cool mist humidifiers, there are two subtypes: those boiling water before vaporizing and those without. The previously boiled water before releasing it, it eliminates germs. This version is avoided through the steam of these infectious microorganisms. After the unit has boiled the water, we can wait for it to cool before letting start releasing steam, because the water will be in a sealed compartment, so that he will not become contaminated. For the types of humidifiers that do not boil the water before, it is advisable to use distilled water, which is free of microorganisms. The latter is especially desirable when using humidifiers for the baby, as they are more susceptible to infectious agents that can hold water.

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