The best place to sleep when you’ve entered the fifth month of pregnancy is to throw on the left. This allows blood to flow unhindered because the main arteries (the aorta, which carries blood from heart organs and the vena cava, which leads from the legs back to the heart blood) are located to the right of your body.

Of course, at night you change position several times, so do not worry if you wake up, and you’re lying on her back. If you’re not going to raise yet again, turn you on your left side.

Why does it happen?

No matter how tired you are, find a comfortable sleeping position – and make the stay healthy – is one of the great challenges of pregnancy, especially if you were used to sleeping face down or face up, two positions that can cause problems when you’re pregnant. During your first trimester, swelling and pain in the breasts you could prevent sleeping on your stomach and your belly grows, you will become increasingly uncomfortable sleep in this position.

When sleeping on your back all the weight of your uterus rests on your back, intestines, and the inferior vena cava (the vein that carries blood from your lower extremities to the heart), affecting your bloodstream. This position also increases the chance that you have backaches and hemorrhoids, in addition to poor digestion, acidity or heartburn, breathing and circulation problems, leg cramps and even low blood pressure (hypotension).

More discomfort that occurs in pregnancy is the pressure in the bladder that will make you go to the bathroom more often than you used to it. Nausea you also might keep you awake longer than normal.

Another cause that prevents you from sleep can be anxiety. Or maybe you’re just uncomfortable and sore from the weight. Once you feel comfortable, little kicks of your baby well placed will be enough to wake you.

What is the best sleeping position during pregnancy

Get used to sleeping on your side, on the left side, from the first quarter. This is the best place for your baby because it allows more blood flow to the placenta and nutritious substances. It is a place that also helps your kidneys to eliminate waste and fluids more efficiently, which reduces swelling in the ankles, feet and hands.

What can I do?

Here are some ideas to try to be more comfortable at night and sleep better during pregnancy. Also, see our article on products for better sleep during pregnancy.

  • If you suffer from heartburn or shortness of breath, try to lie down with your upper body raised slightly.
  • During the third quarter, it is possible that the use of a bra and maternity girdle also make you feel more comfortable to give you more support.
  • Pillows to embrace. You can invest in the best pregnancy pillow, those that are long as sausages, but is likely to find in your house pads or pillows perfect. Arrange them between your knees, under your tummy, and behind your back so that you get support.
  • Lie on your left side, with your knees, bent or stretched, and a pillow between your legs. (And always returns to this position if you wake up in the middle of the night lying face down or face up).

If you decide to buy a special pillow for the pregnant question in specialty stores and websites. Some have velcro to join two pillows, one to face each other on the back for better support. Other C-shaped or U, while others are just a long tube can mold your body.

Many of these cushions and pillows you may be useful in the future to accommodate you when nursing your baby. Also you find in stores a kind of unique wedge for pregnancy. They serve to give more support to the tummy to be lying or to lift a little back and be in a semi-reclined position.

Other options for convenience:

You can use a layer of foam rubber for your mattress (like a very skinny mattress that is shaped cartons for eggs). They are useful if you feel a lot of pressure on the hips, by lying sideways. These orthopedic layers are placed on the mattress and under the sheet to increase comfort and air circulation. You can find them for sale in different sizes in most large commercial stores.

Try an air mattress. Some moms find them comfortable. Experience sleep in different places, a recliner, a bed that is not yours, a sofa, you may find a more comfortable place for you.


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