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There are many people suffering from respiratory problems, usually derived from allergies and asthma. Such reactions and diseases are often caused by the environment: how it is, what takes loading, temperature, pollution, etc.

Until a few years ago we had to resign ourselves to accept the conditions imposed by nature itself, which was also responsible for controlling the atmosphere that reigned in our homes. We spent 90% of our time indoors, so challenge it and control suspended within these spaces particles becomes practically indispensable for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Leave unpolluted makers inside rooms are a home air purifiers. They are robots, more or less autonomous, that connected to the electrical outlet can quantify and manipulate up to the point of eliminating or eradicate dirt from the atmosphere in the room where you are.

Well, as with everything, there are certain considerations that you should not ignore. On the one hand, we have the part that affects only the air purifier, while the other is our real need. We must not make the mistake of thinking that being more expensive, an air purifier going to solve the better than another that costs half ballot; I highly recommend a profound and sincere reflection of where we are going to use the device, when are we going to do in what time of day and how, but there are levels and levels.

Ariela stays purify the importance of stay

When we buy the best air purifier for pets, we can see that one of your specifications is the cleaning capacity. It is given in square or cubic meters, depending on the brand. This data indicates the maximum size in area or volume, respectively room clean for optimum results; that is, excellent characteristics according to the purifier. Not the same clean the atmosphere of a room of 12 square meters than an 80. It makes sense, right?

The importance of power

Purifying power area power an air purifier is closely related to their ability. The more power we have, the faster clean the air in the room the size indicated by the specifications. If the purifier is located in a larger space, the power will be a less important fact, because even take longer to perform their duties, it will not be to leave the room perfect, but to leave it as clean as possible. If the air purifier is, however, located within a smaller than dictate instructions room, power can be reduced to perform the same job that would play in a larger room clean the environment thoroughly. The reduction in the authority consumption leads to a reduction of light, so it is a fact that we have to take into account without fail, especially in these times.

Suitable dimensions

What is the right size? With air purifiers, it happens that, as a general rule, the bigger they are, more often have the working capacity. It is not a determining factor in assessing the quality of an air purifier factor, but it is when it comes to decorating our house and ride comfort because sometimes air purifiers exceed 60 centimeters tall and are completely impossible camouflage.

Moreover, the bigger they are, logic dictates that weigh more, so their removal more difficult. Being a sophisticated apparatus and entails some economic cost to the applicant, it will normally have one home, especially if it is high or medium range. Therefore, the person who does is move it from one room to another, because even leave the air purifier in a room and have all interior doors open house, purify especially well the room where you are, while the others hardly notice the effect. You may reach it, but much less be like in the room “origin”. For all these reasons it is necessary to take into account their physical characteristics.


aireEl harmful particles purifiers filter air purifier is like a motor car. It is what makes their quality, but so far there is a huge variety as with car engines. The quintessential filter air purifiers is the HEPA. We must be careful when we read the features provided by advertisers, as they often try to confuse us without crossing the line of illegality or fraudulent advertising saying that the air purifier has a HEPA filter type, when what we really want is a HEPA filter. That “type” HEPA is not the same, and say in terms of effectiveness, which is relatively similar. But to be HEPA filter must meet standards previously established by the competent organization, which are none other than catching with a 99.97% efficient, all equal to or greater than 0.3 microns. This means the acronym comes from the English expression High Efficiency Particulate Air.

What makes an air purifier is considered low-end or mid-range high-end, naturally is the possession of such a filter. If HEPA, we will find a substantial price increase and obviously quality in cleaning the air. If it does not have to turn on the alarm, because the cleaning results can be more than satisfactory for our purposes. Often not interested in paying us why this type of filter; hence it is so necessary to make a serious reflection purchase.


Almost all models have incorporated different operating speeds. They serve to regulate the speed with which we want our air purifier act. We usually find with night mode, with turbo mode and standard mode. Intermediate does not say anything because his name says it all. The night, commenting that in theory, the purifier works a minimum return, drastically reducing the method -so marks noise usually generated. Such noise can be heard at its peak when choosing turbo mode, with which the device maximized performance and filtered air faster than you can. We usually use it if we hurry or to situations in which we enter through the window an inordinate amount of dust did not expect to have it open.

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