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About Us


Greetings from the Doha Center for Wellness!

We’re so happy you came across us! We think everything happens for a reason, and you are here for a reason.

Perhaps you are a business owner looking for ways to save costs while also worrying about the health and welfare of your employees. We can assist! For you and your staff, we provide health coaching programs for wellness. Also, as a drug and alcohol outpatient center with a license from the state of Pennsylvania, we can offer counseling treatments for substance misuse, including IOP, quickly and discreetly. We can also talk about the internet or gambling addictions!

We are here for you if you find us by chance and seek advice on moving forward on your path to improved health and living. We provide naturopathic healthcare, health and life coaching, outpatient substance abuse treatment, and co-occurring disorders treatment.


Our Clients

Our clients who we treat for addictions appreciate that we treat both addictions and co-occurring disorders using a person-centered holistic approach. In the Doha Center, we don’t have a rotating door! Our goal is for you to recover and be healthy. It’s all about you in this. We don’t use drugs; our treatment and relapse prevention strategies are evidence-based. This principle is applied to our aftercare services as well.
Do you or a loved one require assistance to beat an addiction? Drinking, illicit substances, prescription medications, gaming, or the Internet? Have you previously received addiction therapy and recovered? Do not give up, please! Visit us at the Doha Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

We also offer Lifecare Plans for people with disabilities at the Doha Center. We also provide Reiki and meditation lessons and workshops!

Please give us a moment of your time so we can introduce you to the Doha Center for Well-Being and ourselves.

Carolina and Tim

To start, we’d like to introduce you to the name of our center. A name is everything! Nevertheless, before we do that, let us introduce ourselves! We are an exceptional husband-and-wife combination of highly educated naturopathic healthcare specialists who have committed their lives to assist individuals in achieving optimum health naturally. We are unusual in that we have been able to apply our understanding of psychology, naturopathy, and medicine to create tailored coaching programs for people based on the underlying issues that have driven them to seek coaching to improve their health. We are also unique in that we don’t provide coaching for illness management. Instead, we guide you toward your best health!

Both of us have Cherokee ancestry. The Cherokee word means well-being, serenity, and tranquility is done.

This single word effectively conveys the idea of being in good health. Do you fit this description?

No? Come then, let us assist you in achieving harmony and balance in your life.