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Author: Anna Lemus

Who Inherits If A Child Dies Before A Parent

Intestate succession laws and the implications of a child predeceasing their parent can be intricate and vary across states. Understanding the distribution of assets in

Who Owns A House During Probate

The probate process can be a complex and challenging journey for individuals who have inherited a house. Understanding the legal and financial considerations, navigating asset

What Will Mortgage Rates Be End of 2025?

The future trajectory of mortgage rates is a matter of utmost importance to homeowners, prospective buyers, and industry professionals. As we approach the end of

What To Expect From A Probate Attorney

Probate attorneys are essential in the legal process of administering estates and managing the affairs of deceased or incapacitated individuals. With expertise in wills and

Where Do Houses Sell the Fastest?

Satellite cities have emerged as a popular choice for homebuyers seeking a balance between affordability and access to urban amenities. Offering a suburban lifestyle with

When Does An Inheritance Become Marital Property

When planning for the future, individuals must consider the intricate relationship between inheritances and marital property. Understanding the legal implications surrounding this issue is vital

What To Do When Your Realtor Ignores You

In the realm of real estate, the relationship between clients and real estate agents is paramount for a successful transaction. Unfortunately, clients often encounter challenges

What to Do When Scammed by a Contractor

Are you feeling frustrated and betrayed after being scammed by a contractor? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this article, we will guide you through